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  • Excellent litigator
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Mitchell
    March 8, 2017

    Todd has been my go-to litigator in Minnesota, and I've had occasion to work with him on two cases that went to advanced stages. He has an excellent analytical mind, is diligent and hardworking, understands complex business situations and conflicts, and knows the law. He gets both the forest and the trees, and has the ability to break down the facts and explain them to a fact.

  • Highly intelligent, throughtful and driven
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Ivo Caytas
    April 6, 2016

    Todd was Minnesota co-counsel for a major international bank client of ours in complex fraud recovery litigation. We are extremely glad we hired him, since his assessment and procedural handling were extremely helpful and effective. Todd is supremely knowledgeable, relies on first-rate research and almost a quarter-century of litigation experience – all qualities I appreciated greatly.
  • Straight Forward
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Patrick
    April 2, 2016

    Todd helped our company threw a lawsuit, he never told me what I wanted to hear but told me how it really was. Todd's being straight forward with me helped me take my emotions out of the equation and make the best decisions for our company. I wanted to settle many times just to have the stress gone, we didn't settle but won the case!